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fasATE© certified factory


Time-to-the-market at higher speed and lower cost


For electronics manufacturers, one of the main advantages of Industry 4.0 is the flexibility and speed in Time-to-market.

When planning of a new project, the way of testing the product is usually one of the main issues both in the technical aspect and in the economic aspect.

The agility in the development of the tools, as well as the modularity and scalability of the same are factors that prevail. At the same time, the collection of test data in real time and the possibility of consulting them from anywhere accelerate the launch of production.

That is why we have opted for the fastATE technology. We have standard test platforms capable of integrating tools quickly and at minimum cost. At the same time, our team of test engineers advises on projects for quick implementation and with minimum setbacks.

Our Castellar del Vallès factory has recently achieved the fastATE Factory certification.

fasATE© certified factory

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