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fasATE certified factory

fasATE certified factory 22/11/2017
Castellar del Vallès plant has been fasATE certified. This means that this plant has the necessary standard testing platforms to fastly be integrated with customized fixtures in a fast way and ...

30 years!

30 years! 19/07/2017
This 2017 is our 30th Birthday. During this period we have learned and improved day to day to deliver quality services to our customers. Our target is to continue improving in order to celebrate ...

New THT/Oddforms line

New THT/Oddforms line 17/07/2017
A new THT / Odd form line is already running at Castellar del Vallès Plant. It is based on flexibility since, thanks to the robotization, it allows the production of up to 5 different reference ...

New ASM-DEK Printing Machine

New ASM-DEK Printing Machine 07/07/2017
ASM-DEK has been homologated as the new printing technology standard for the DigiProces SMT lines

4.0 Materials Management

4.0 Materials Management 20/01/2017
From last January the 2nd of 2017, our SMD components warehouse is fully automated and each reel has a unique ID. Thanks to this new system, we have improved the component traceability level that now ...

Happy 2017

Happy 2017 03/01/2017
DigiProces team wishes you a 2017 full of healh and success!

Season´s Greetins

Season´s Greetins 17/12/2016
DigiProces team wishes season's greetings ans a prosperous 2017!

Matelec Industry has been a success

Matelec Industry has been a success 15/11/2016
Last October, from 25th to 28th, Matelec Industry show took place in Ifema (Madrid). We presented there how we are transforming to a Smart Factory and what advantages our customers can take of it.

Longer warranty for your customers

Longer warranty for your customers 12/09/2016
Thanks to the close collaboration with main LED manufacturers, we can offer an stable under 5% voiding ratio in the solder joints. Offer longer warranties to your customers!

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