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Corporate Social Responsibility

Who We Are

We care about people

The most important value for our organization are the people , and that is why , that our will is that each of the members of our staff, can be done with fullness for the organization to benefit from the best of each.

In DigiProces we have a motivated , committed and professional team that ensures excellent performance of each department. We facilitate work-life balance and encourage the development of our employees through training plans.

In DigiProces we actively engage with removing any discrimination based on race , sex, etc. A clear example of this is that at the heart of our business, our factories , are more and more women in positions of responsibility.

Responsability with the environment
In DigiProces we manage our business to minimize environmental impact , integrating principles of sustainable development into our processes and actions , thus we strive to protect our environment and conserve natural resources.

Our partners
Principles of behavior dealing with external collaborators
Dealing with external partners
  • Our relationship with our employees is marked by competitiveness and fair treatment.
  • We define our external partners with a clear framework conditions thus avoiding misunderstandings and ambiguities.
  • We keep our promises and agreements, and we are a partner worthy of trust . At the same time , we expect our external partners keep their promises and agreements.
  • We respect the commitments made verbally.
  • We control compliance with the agreed conditions.
  • We negotiate based on price and quality . always oriented to the market, we are open to new partners.
  • We work with our external partners fairly and correctly, without pushy or arrogant attitudes.
  • We communicate in a framework of constructive and professional manner.
  • We demand and encourage the creativity of our external partners in order to improve and optimize the products and services purchased.
  • We are open to constructive ideas and value objectively the possible potential for development and improvement for our company.
  • We do not accept any gift or donation of our external partners

ISO 13485

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