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“The current situation is accentuating the tendency to reshoring”


Interview with Jordi Batet, CEO at DigiProces


What is DigiProces forecast for this year?

We live in times of high uncertainty. Until we don’t get a vaccine economic patterns will have little to do with those before the pandemic. We are focused on adapting to changes as quickly as possible. Resilience is key right now.

At the organizational level, have you planned new work models?

We have implemented many systems to guarantee the maximum safety for staff in our factories. At the same time, we have developed a permanent home office system that we call TeamFlex, which means each team in the organization is able to manage its work time either in the office or at home.

Which trends are occurring in the EMS market?

The current situation is accentuating the tendency to reshoring. Digitalization of the industry, facilitating costs optimization, together with the logistics risks highlighted during the pandemic result in a growing need for local suppliers.


Which innovative improvements will stand out at DigiProces this year?

We have two main focuses: the first one is robotization of raw materials flows in our factories, allowing us to optimize stock levels and, consequently, improve costs. On the other hand, we will continue to invest in assets for our new laboratory, which allows us to speed up projects and improve the time to market of products developed for our clients.

Is there any particular sector you are working in more intensively?

Even having clients in many different sectors, the tendency towards digitalization has exponentially increased projects related to IoT. But the market of medical devices is also continuing to grow constantly and, as we own the ISO 13485 certification, we have been able to consolidate our strong position in this market.

Thinking about one year from now, what is your wish for DigiProces?

I will be happy to have all our present collaborators and if possible enlarge this big family. We want to keep growing and adding value to our clients.

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“The current situation is accentuating the tendency to reshoring”

ISO 13485

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